Housing Offering FAQs

Housing Offering FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the 2021 Housing Offering?

Click Housing Offering 2021 | Kauai Habitat for Humanity and follow the three step process.

Who are the available lenders you work with?

We work with USDA Rural Development and Island Pacific Mortgage.

Do I have an option to choose between a 2, 3, or 4 bedroom unit?

You can only request 1 more bedroom than you would ordinarily be assigned based on your family size, and if we have a lot that will accommodate that size. Additionally you will need to income qualify for the higher mortgage. Your request is not automatically guaranteed, it will need to go through our approval process.

Do you provide credit counseling?

We can provide in house basic financial coaching. We also can refer you to Hawaiian Community Assets, your current bank, or other recognized organizations.

How long does it take to complete the program?

From start to finish approximately 18 months to 2 years.

What if I have student loans?

If you are currently paying on a student loan, continue to do so. It will be considered part of your monthly debt. If it is deferred, prepare to provide paperwork if we need it and it may NOT count as a monthly debt.

If I need language help, is there someone who can translate?

Contact us directly to request translation services. We are in the process of establishing a partnership with an approved agency. We encourage you to bring someone you trust, to help you understand, throughout the entire process.

What if I have a disability that prohibits me from doing construction as part of my sweat equity?

It depends on what loan program you are part of and what rules that program has. For many of our loan programs, we can make accommodations doing alternate activities as medically allowable by your physician. For more restrictive programs, if you are medically prohibited from doing construction related activities, you will need to find someone to replace you on the construction site. Should this situation apply to you, our Homeowner Services staff will be happy to discuss the options with you directly.

What if my income doesn’t look like it fits the income chart?

You should still submit your Program Eligibility Form, and let us calculate your household income following the requirements for the specific lenders we are working with at the time.

How long do I have to wait for an answer?

Each stage has multiple steps, so there is no set time period we can give you. However, you can help by keeping your current documents close at hand to be able to provide them as needed.  If you were asked to provide a document, and you receive an updated copy of it, you will need to provide it as you move through the process.

Who should I include on my program Eligibility Form when it asks for household members?

Any person you expect to live with you in the new house should be included, except foster children or foster adults, or any person that is not likely to be a permanent member of your household. Please call us if you are uncertain, or include the information on the Program Eligibility Form and discuss it with us when we start to process your file.

Do I need to get my own pre-approval with a bank?

No, to build with Habitat, we will guide you through the process of getting a loan. You only need to be prepared to hand in documents about the income your household receives and let our lenders determine if you are eligible for their loan.

Can I re-apply if I am not eligible or if my loan applications is denied?

If we find you are not eligible for a loan, we will let you know why and give you ideas how to improve your situation. We may suggest you go to a financial consultant or course to get ready to qualify in the future. Once you feel you may now be ready, contact us. If this offering is still open, you can request to be reconsidered. If this offering is closed, then watch for the next offering and submit your Program Eligibility Form for that offering. THERE IS NO WASTED EFFORT. Every step you take helps get you into a position to qualify for a mortgage, whether with Habitat or with other lenders.  DON’T GIVE UP, KEEP WORKING ON IT.

How do I calculate if I fall in the income range?

Refer to the income guidelines chart located in the Homeownership or Housing Offering 2021 sections of this website to see if your income falls within our qualification range. There you will look at your household size and see the not less than and the not more than amounts that your income must fall between. Typically, your combined gross household income for all people in your household over 18 must fall between these income ranges for your household size.

What if I own a home out of state? Can I apply?

No, you must be a first-time homebuyer. With the Kaua’i Habitat program you cannot have owned a home or have your name on a property title (including family property) within the last 3 years.

What must my credit score be?

For a USDA guaranteed loan, your score needs to be 640 or above. For other lenders and other USDA loans, the score may be 580 or above, but preferable 640 and above.

Can I custom build my home?

No, Habitat is a self-build program. Home features are standard and the same across all homes in a group.