Waimea Huakai

Waimea Huakai Subdivision 070720

Aerial view of Waimea Huakai Subdivision, taken on 7/7/20


Waimea Huakai Subdivision


In November 2017 Kauai Habitat for Humanity purchased 6.5 acres of land in Waimea from Kikiaola Land Co. Ltd. Realizing the growing need for housing and increased density, Kauai Habitat began a partnership with the County of Kauai Housing Agency and the Ahe Group. The joint project in Waimea will provide a much-needed mix of 35 multi-family rental units to be developed by the Ahe Group and 32 single family for sale units to be developed by Kauai Habitat.


A public meeting was held on June 13, 2018, in Waimea to offer information on the proposed design and project details. Public input was requested on a draft environmental assessment prepared for the project.


The subdivision project received final approval in May 2019. Infrastructure work is nearly complete. Construction of homes is scheduled to begin in the Summer of 2021. An announcement of the details of the offering for this housing opportunity will be issued in early 2021.


For information about the purchase of this parcel, read the news release: Kauai Habitat purchases land for affordable housing development in Waimea.


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