Why Give?

Your Gift


Your gift is an investment in your community. Your gift helps build homes and break the cycle of poverty. Your gift empowers people and changes lives.

Our work isn’t just about building houses. When homebuyers move in, the transforms into a home. It is not just a place to live. Home is the foundation for a better life and a better Kauai. The impact of your gift is powerful.


Home Matters


Homeownership is one of the ways in which low-income, hardworking individuals and families can effectively break the cycle of poverty. There are many benefits to homeownership:

  • Economy: The construction and sale of each home built generates significant impact on the economy including job creation, consumer spending, fees and taxes
  • Health: Homeownership contributes to improved physical and psychological health
  • Children: Children of homeowners are 25% more likely to graduate from high school and 116% more likely to graduate from college
  • Community: Homeowners are more likely to become active in the community through civic engagement, community service, and more.

Why Kauai Habitat for Humanity?


An Organization You Can Trust


Kauai Habitat for Humanity has been providing much needed affordable housing solutions on the island since its founding in December 1992 in the aftermath of Hurricane Iniki. Kauai Habitat has a proven model which makes wise investment of resources including funding, staffing, materials, and volunteer support.


Persistent Need on Kauai


A 2016 Hawaii housing study prepared for the County of Kauai showed that over 5,000 new housing units are needed through the year 2025 in order to keep up with the need on Kauai. Many families are currently living with extended families in a single-family home, oftentimes one family per bedroom.


Our Impact is Measurable


Our programs benefit not only our homebuyers, but the entire community. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn new skills and meet other like-minded individuals. Partner vendors have a chance to make a difference by offering discounted rates or donations to support this important work. Corporate partners have a chance to serve the community in a meaningful way. Other nonprofit organizations and government agencies are able to collaborate with us in order to achieve greater good island wide.