God’s Will

God’s Will

“It was all god”, was Oeita Kauakahi response when asked how she became a new homebuyer in Kaua’i Habitat for Humanity’s self-build program. Oeita is currently doing construction on her future home in the ‘Ele’ele Iluna subdivision. She elaborated by sharing how “everything just lined up perfectly” as if guided by a higher power.

Oeita learned about the current offering the way that many on the island get their information; through the ‘Coconut Wireless’. It was a time of many changes in her life. Her husband had passed away and her children had grown. It was always her dream to own her own home, but as most residents on Kaua’i know, purchasing a home on the open market is unattainable for most.

When Oeita found out she was a prospective homebuyer for the next group of houses and lots in the ‘Ele’ele Iluna subdivision, she worked diligently running back and forth between Puhi and Hanapepe in an effort to make sure all her paperwork was in and everything was ready to go. It paid off. Shortly thereafter the government shut down and loan processing abruptly came to a standstill. Fortunately for Oeita she had done her due diligence and had received her mortgage loan along with three other prospective homeowner just in the nick of time.

So from that point on the group of four began the process of building their own homes. The group was smaller than originally planned but that too seemed to be another blessing as they got to know each other well working together and are looking forward to being neighbors.

Each of these homebuilders is required to provide 30 hours per week of ‘sweat equity’ on their homes, and once again Oeita has been blessed. Members of her church, friends, her sons and even customers from the fabric store that she works at have volunteered to come out and work on her behalf. “I was required to provide 30 hours per week of ‘sweat equity’ into my house, but most weeks I’m able to provide almost twice that thanks to everyone willing to help,” stated Oeita, “I am very thankful to god, friends and habitat for making owning my own home possible.”