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Thrivent Group Builds Fences

Our newest volunteer team from Global Village Thrivent made the news this week as they began several projects for Kaua‘i Habitat. The team of 12 began their workweek building walls in our baseyard. These walls will be used in the next section of homes in our ‘Ele‘ele Iluna subdivision. From there the group will be split as several members will begin building the fence that will surround our newly acquired property in Waimea. Read more about this group and the projects they will be working on in this article published in The Garden Island Newspaper.

The Garden Island – Group to start Waimea venture

Welcome Global Village Thrivent

Look who’s jumping at the chance to build homes and hope with Kaua‘i Habitat! Today we welcomed a Global Village Thrivent team to our affiliate. They arrived bright and early this morning for orientation, as they will be working along side our homebuyers over the next couple of weeks.  The team is being led by Diane Stewart who is no stranger to volunteer travel. While this is the first time leading a team on Kaua‘i, she has already been on five trips prior to this one. Welcome Team! We are grateful to have you here!