Sample Testimony Waipouli Project

The text below is a sample testimony. Please copy, paste, and customize according to your needs and opinions. 


My name is _______.  I am submitting testimony for 7/13/21 Agenda Item #2A (New Agency Hearing, Special Management Area Use Permit (SMA(u)-2021-8).

I want to encourage the Commission to approve Kauai Habitat’s Kauhale o Waipouli project (SMA (U)-2021-8) because our community is in desperate need for housing that we can truly afford. People at all income levels deserve the same opportunity to have safe, decent shelter, which is what Kauai Habitat has provided since 1992. Kauai residents are living in overcrowded conditions with children to living in one bedroom with their parents as extended family members share one single-family home together with other relatives. We know that Habitat is not a handout. We know that it takes hard work, stable income, good credit, and good faith to own a home on Kauai today. The homebuyers who partner with Habitat are purchasing their home by qualifying for an affordable mortgage. By owning a home, we are able to give our families so many more opportunities like stability, better health, better education. Families won’t have to constantly move, couch surf, or sleep on the beach. Please help give the deserving working people of Kauai a chance at homeownership by voting in support of this important project. Kauai needs these 17 units, and so much more. Your vote today will make a huge impact on our future as a community.


*Submit in writing by email to or by mail to County of Kauai Planning Department, 444 Rice Street, Suite 473, Lihue, HI 96766. Written testimony received before 9:00am on Monday, July 12, 2021 will be distributed to all Planning Commissioners prior to the meeting. Written testimony received after 9:00am on Monday, July 12, 2021, will be summarized by the Clerk of the Commission during the meeting and added to the record thereafter.