Meet our Volunteers

Get to know our Habitat-ers! Come volunteer with us!

“I am totally hooked on Habitat!” 
Jan Roberta, Global Village team leader

“I’ve been blessed to have my own home, and feel lucky enough to have the chance to help others be in their own homes.” 
Cornelia Works, Kaua‘i resident and volunteer

“I first saw Jimmy and Rose Carter on TV working on a Habitat build and thought that was a wonderful way to help others.” 
Mike Charlton, Global Village volunteer

“This is my chance to pay it forward and give something back.”
Heather Curzon, Global Village volunteer

“Helping Communities and people injects joy into my life and love of humanity to my golden age spirit.”
Aston Lee, Global Village volunteer

Volunteer Profiles

Aston, Global Village Volunteer

I work in the IT department of Royal Bank. I love my job and will not trade it for gold. Before that I worked in airline industry and thus I have had plenty of experiences traveling the world.

After 59 years of struggling for life, now I am pursuing happiness. Through involvement in community work, I am expecting to nurture perpetual desire and passion to help communities and people; ultimately it injects joy into my life and love of humanity to my golden age spirit.

My first Global Village trip was to Thailand. As long as my health condition permits, I plan to make more Global Village trips. Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam, Hawai`i – the list is building up. As I took on more Global Village trips, I made acquaintances of meaningful people. From those trips, friends, funs, and happiness are still banging in my head. I hope we shall cross-path with each other again sometimes, and somewhere in the global village working happily together. In my sunset days, I shall reminisce about those days and chuckle to myself.

Cornelia, Kaua`i resident and volunteer

Cornelia is one of Kaua`i Habitat’s local volunteers who has come out time and time again to help build affordable homes. Cornelia’s husband Dan had volunteered with a mainland Habitat while they lived in Virginia. After building their own home in `Ele`ele, both Cornelia and Dan jumped at the chance to once again pound nails and work with other cheerful volunteers. Cornelia even recruited two of her sisters to volunteer with her for Kaua`i Habitat’s 2009 Build-a-Thon. The couple says they volunteer because of the satisfaction of helping others in their neighborhood. “I’ve been blessed to have my own home, and feel lucky enough to have the chance to help others be in their own homes,” she says.

Jan,  Group volunteer with Sisterhood of the Traveling Stilettos

Jan is part of an amazing group of women who call themselves the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Stilettos.” The group travels together each year to build affordable housing with Habitat for Humanity.

Jan has been a volunteer with Habitat for the last 10 years and has been involved in construction, served as a member of the Volunteer committee, and the Tacoma/Pierce County Board of Directors. Jan first became involved because of the families she worked with during her teaching career. Many needed the hand-up that Habitat provides. For her, the best part is seeing the children of partner families thrive in their new, more stable environment.

Jan looks forward to the yearly travels of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Stilettos. The trips provide an opportunity to travel somewhere different and help provide a family with a simple, decent, affordable home.