Mahalo to our Donors

Donor Spotlight:

James Amberg

Meet James Amberg, one of our loyal donors. A retired financial manager, Amberg’s love of woodworking led to starting his own business in California. He first learned about Kaua`i’s need for decent housing soon after Hurricane `Iniki. But a severe back injury made it impossible for him to do many things he once loved, including woodworking. While recovering on Kaua`i, Amberg had an epiphany. He struck a deal with God, promising that if He kept him healthy, Amberg would share the profits from his woodworking business. Since then, God has kept His end of the bargain, and Amberg has kept his promise. Each time Amberg sells a piece of furniture, he donates a portion to Kaua`i Habitat. Although he lives on the mainland, his heart is on Kaua`i.

Mahalo, James, for your enduring commitment to our work!