Holomua Capital Campaign

A’ohe hana nui ka alu’ia. No task is too big when done together.

~ `Ōlelo no`eau, Hawaiian proverb

Prepare to Build Campaign

The Challenge
Kaua`i Habitat for Humanity is ramping up its production and will double its construction efforts to address the growing need for affordable housing on the island. Our plan is to build 107 new houses in the `Ele`ele Iluna Subdivision by 2021, in groups of 10-12 homes per year.

Holomua Capital Campaign
Kaua`i Habitat for Humanity is launching its Holomua Campaign. In Hawaiian, holomua means to move forward. With Phase II of the `Ele`ele Iluna Subdivision Project, we intend to do just that – move forward and toward a future for hte next 107  Habitat homeowners on Kaua`i. Campaign funds will be used for the purchase of materials and equipment for the construction of homes.

Campaign Goal

  • $3 million from philanthropic contributions and grants.
  • These funds will move us forward with Phase II of the `Ele`ele Iluna subdivision project and will provide major support for the construction of 107 homes.
    Our goal includes:

    • monetary contributions;
    • donations of specific building materials like cement, gravel, pipe;
    • donations of services like clearing and grubbing land.

    Donated services or materials reduce the cost of our infrastructure project and counts towards our $3 million goal.

    All you need is $3 million?
    The cost of the entire subdivision project is much higher, closer to $16 million for the infrastructure and all the houses. But we have ways to finance the rest – $3 million is what we need to raise from donations.

About the `Ele`ele Iluna Subdivision Project
Phase I (18 homes) and infrastructure improvements are completed. Homes in Phase II (Increment A) and infrastructure work on Phase II (Increment B) are near completion, with construction of homes in Phase II (Increment B) schedule to begin construction in late 2018.


  • $2.5 million – Infrastructure and home construction, Phase I (completed)
  • $2.1 million – Infrastructure, water line, sewer line, highway improvements, detention basin for Phase II
  • $2.6 million – Infrastructure, Increment A
  • $5.7 million – Home construction, first 48 homes, Increment A
  • $2.9 million – Infrastructure, Increment B
  • $6.3 million – Home construction, 59 homes, Increment B

What else should I know?
Affordable housing has tremendous positive effects for the families themselves, their neighbors, and our entire community. It’s an essential part of building a sustainable economic base for Kaua`i. This is a big project and we need everybody’s help. Read more about affordable housing and its impact on Kaua`i.

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