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More to Offer at ReStore

Preston Navarro, Epe Beniamina, Gerard LagazoWhen a resort makes a large donation to our ReStore®, the sale of those items goes directly to building homes and hope on Kaua‘i. Donations such as these are a benefit to the whole community. The trick is getting all this wonderful merchandise into the store. For that we need… you guessed it, VOLUNTEERS! A special mahalo to all the volunteers that do the heavy lifting for us. We wouldn’t be where we are without you!James Klicpera, Gerard LagazoGuy Ambrose, Drew Wolenter

Mahalo Volunteers

Front- Sharon Gibson, Tresame Lagazo, Rick Aitkenhead, Nick Wehrly, Shana Cruz, Mike Wehrly Back- Daryl Martin, Paul ForguesOur volunteers have come together once again to build homes and hope on Kaua‘i! This past Saturday an energetic group may have set a new record constructing walls for two complete homes in just two and a half hours! Way to go! These walls were constructed in our baseyard and will be used in the ‘Ele‘ele Iluna subdivision. Anonio Pope, Mariano Catbagan, Rick Aitkenhead, Kaeo Blas, Frank Cruz, Duane NavarroShana Cruz, Daryl Martin, Paul ForguesSharon Gibson, Tresame Lagazo

Amazon Smile

If you are shopping at then you should be shopping at! It’s the same great products and prices, but when you use amazon a donation is made to your favorite charity. PLEASE support Kauai Habitat for Humanity every time you shop at no cost to you.

Charity Miles

charity milesDon’t forget to use the Charity Miles App when you go biking, walking or running. Every mile you go earns money for Habitat for Humanity and other charities. Bikers earn up to 10¢ per mile; walkers and runners earn up to 25¢ per mile, all courtesy of corporate sponsors. Visit for more details.

Good Luck Howie!!!

Howie ApiladoThis year we were very happy to have our first local AmeriCorps Volunteer at Kaua‘i Habitat! Howie Apilado signed up to give a year of service to AmeriCorps and spend that time building homes and hope with Kaua‘i Habitat for Humanity. This week marked the end of that term. When asked what he thought about the experience he stated, “It was Awesome! I would recommend it to anyone”. We enjoyed having Howie around the jobsite! He always had a smile and it was contagious. Many volunteers have commented on how much they enjoyed working along side him, and he still keeps in touch with many visiting volunteers from both Canada and the mainland. We wish Howie the very best and are happy his time here was so successful.

Mahalo Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay

Rotary ClubA special Mahalo to the members of the Rotary Club of Hanalei, that came to the rescue when we needed volunteers to lend a hand. Last week we received a generous donation of goods to our ReStore® that required a lot of loading and unloading. When we reached out to the Rotary Club of Hanalei, we were amazed at the number of people willing to help out. Thank you so much Rotary Members! You are truly appreciated.