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Reporting for Duty

001This week our visiting Global Village team reported for their first work day volunteering for Kaua‘i Habitat. I’m glad we got a pic of them looking shiny and new before putting them to work. I hope they still have those beautiful smiles at the end of the week. These hard working individuals travel a long way to build homes and hope in our community! Mahalo Global Village Team #15008!

First Stop Orientation

We had a lot of excitement in the office Monday morning. That’s because our wonderful Global Village team arrived for orientation. We are so happy to have them here, and can’t wait to see what they accomplish on their trip. Mahalo for helping us build homes and hope on Kaua‘i!DSCN9778

Farewell Tina

shop donate volunteer 1Kaua‘i Habitat ReStore® is thankful for the support and camaraderie of Tina Kiehn, a long-time Habitat employee who recently left her position to pursue a dream adventure. In her farewell letter to ReStore colleagues across the nation she wrote,

“ReStores are certainly not the most glamorous part of our ministry. There’s no raising of walls by happy volunteers, no keys being handed over to overjoyed partner families, and no mortgages being burnt. But, we make more of all of that possible! Not only did we raise $102 million dollars last year, we introduced thousands and thousands of people to Habitat and kept countless tons of useful stuff out of the landfill. That’s a pretty big deal!

I will leave you with some words of wisdom from Helen Keller that have always resonated with me: “The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker.”

It has been an honor to stand beside you and push the world along.

Keep up the good work, ReStore Nation. Poverty housing isn’t going to end itself.”

Welcome Global Village Team

This week we will be welcoming a Global Village team from Canada! We always LOVE when teams visit Kaua‘i Habitat to build homes and hope, but we are especially happy to see so many familiar faces in this group. Several members of this team led by returning Team Leader Mara Petruzziello have been to Kaua‘i before on other Global Village trips. Below is a little description of each member with photos. If you see any of these incredibly generous individuals around the Island, be sure to shower them with Aloha! After all they are here building homes, hope and communities on Kaua‘i.Bios Petruzziello #15008_Page_1Bios Petruzziello #15008_Page_2Bios Petruzziello #15008_Page_3Bios Petruzziello #15008_Page_4Bios Petruzziello #15008_Page_5Bios Petruzziello #15008_Page_6

Earth Day Everyday

photoIn honor of Earth Day our AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer Maggie demonstrated how to turn used T-shirts into reusable shopping bags in our ReStore®! Way to look out for Mother Earth Maggie! Mahalo

Day of Recognition

DSCN3903On Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr. announced that April 23rd is National & Community Service Day on Kaua‘i. The announcement took place as he was recognizing those who volunteer to serve our community. We were very proud of our own AmeriCorps volunteers that were recognized for building homes and hope with Kaua‘i Habitat. Mahalo Rita, Howie and Maggie for all you do for our community!

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

photo 4In honor of National Volunteer Week we recognized a few of our outstanding volunteers this week. We met at Grinds cafe for a hearty breakfast and lots of laughs as we presented personalized hard hats to volunteers that have gone above and beyond for Kaua‘i Habitat for Humanity. It’s amazing how much time these volunteers have logged.  Together these three have given more than 7,000 hours to building homes and hope on Kaua‘i! Way to go!!!

Come to ReStore Today!

If you come by our ReStore® today from 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm you will see a demonstration on how to transform a previously used T-shirt into a reusable shopping bag! It’s a free demonstration to celebrate Earth Day 2015! Reduce-Reuse-ReStore!Celebrate Earth Day Flyer

Great Items Available at ReStore!

ReStore_H_200clrThese are just a few of the great items available at our ReStore®!! Click here to be taken to a list of items posted on Craigslist . Save $$$ and support a great cause!! Every dollar made from ReStore® sales supports Kaua‘i Habitat’s work to build affordable housing for Kaua‘i families.

Happy Earth Day!

You never know what treasures you will find at our ReStore®! Last year alone nearly 12,000 kitchen items became the treasure of ReStore® shoppers. Which in turn became a treasure for our planet! Support Earth Day 4/22/15! Reduce – Reuse – ReStore®!!!!!
Earth Day Kitchen