A Homeowner’s Story

Team Brute ForceOne of the best things about volunteering at a Kaua‘i Habitat job site is meeting the future homeowners. It makes the work more rewarding when you actually get to see who you are helping and how much it means to them. Currently we are working on the future home of Nelson and Marian Eguchi and their wonderful family.  Whenever on the job site you will see members of the family working along side the volunteers, and often get the opportunity to “talk story” during breaks and hear what owning a home means to them. Recently Marian Eguchi shared that she is so touched by all the people that have put their hands into her new home, that she began asking each volunteer to sign somewhere on the construction. Of course once the construction is completed you won’t be able to see the signatures, “but the spirit is still there”, she stated.

“Kaua‘i Habitat has helped many families in need get their very own home at a reasonable price”, stated Marian Eguchi. “Thanks to Habitat for making the impossible possible. We are very blessed and fortunate to have such wonderful people at Kaua‘i Habitat for Humanity working endlessly to make our family dreams come true.”Signing CynthisCanadian TeamSigning the project


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