A Volunteer’s Story

Dale and Sue Hansen 2Volunteering for Kaua`i Habitat for Humanity has many benefits, the weather happens to be one of them. This is what Dale and Sue Hansen had to say about their #volunteering experience with #kauaihabitat when they escaped the cold of Northern British Columbia.

“As we live in Northern British Columbia, Canada (northern means on the same latitude as the Alaska panhandle) and are recently retired, our adventure with Kaua`i Habitat for Humanity began with primarily selfish intent. We were searching for a place that would give us a reason to be away from home for a couple of months during the coldest part of winter, but that could also offer something to keep our restless souls busy. We investigated Habitat International and the idea of volunteering with an organization focused on providing homes was a good fit for us. We soon connected with Jessica the Volunteer Coordinator for Kaua’i Habitat for Humanity. She was patient with our questions and prompt with responses, even though it was 9 months  before we actually planned to travel.

When we arrived the first day we knew for sure we had made the right decision. The entire staff was friendly and welcoming. Originally we decided to volunteer three to four days a week so we would have time to explore the island on other days.  We enjoyed the work and people so much that it was difficult to convince ourselves that it was OK to take a day off. Dale worked primarily on Bob’s construction crew, while my focus was helping Cynthia and crew in the ReStore®. We were fortunate to be there during the visits of four different international teams. It was a joy to meet and work with so many people who,like us, find pleasure in helping others. We made many friends among the staff, other volunteers, the house recipients, and even those we met consistently in ReStore® or the grocery store. Our time in Kaua`i was so rewarding, we already have accommodations booked so we can return for a repeat performance in January and February 2015.”

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