`Ele`ele Iluna Subdivision Lottery Results

Results of the `Ele`ele Iluna Subdivision lottery are now available! Click here to visit our `Ele`ele Iluna Subdivision Lottery Results page. You may also call the office at (808) 335-0296 ext. 111 or 117 during office hours from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday-Friday or see full detail information below.


The completed application deadline was March 21 for the first 30 houses for Phase II in the `Ele`ele Iluna Subdivision. Thank you to everyone that made time to come to our mandatory orientation meetings to learn about the Habitat process and affordable housing opportunities in `Ele`ele.  415 applications were distributed, and 257 were fully completed and received by the deadline.

On March 25th, random numbers were computer generated for the numbers from 1 to 257. The results of the Lottery Ranking of applicants can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here: Lottery Ranking Order (you must have Adobe PDF reader to view).

  • STEP 1 – Find your Lottery Rank Order number

To find out what your Lottery Rank Order is, look for your assigned Application Number under the column marked “Your Application #” and refer to the Lottery Rank Order number directly to the right.

  • STEP 2 – I found my Lottery Rank Order number, now what?

If the “Lottery Rank Order” number assigned to “Your Application #” is lower than 100, you will be notified by mail to attend a meeting where we will discuss mortgage funding options with you and discuss our initial Selection Committee evaluation as to whether you meet the guidelines for Income and ability to qualify and repay a mortgage.

  • STEP 3 – I found my Lottery Rank Order number, BUT what if the number is higher than 100?

Your Lottery Rank Order will remain the same until all 30 homes have qualified families and homes are constructed. If we can not qualify 30 homeowners out of the first 100 in Rank order, then we will continue up the list from 101 until we have all 30 homeowners qualified.

If I’m selected as one of the 30, when would I know if I really WILL have a home in the subdivision?
This process is quite lengthy and takes time. You will be confirmed as one of our homeowners when you are fully qualified and have secured a mortgage loan to purchase your home and lot from Habitat or one of the lenders.

If you are one of the 257 that submitted an application and you are not selected or do not build one of the 30 homes we are selecting for now, you will have a chance to submit an application for the next group of homes we build. We will begin the whole process over again and new Lottery Rank Order will be issued at the time of the next selection process.

What if I’m not on your notification list yet?
If you are not currently on our notification list and would like to be, please sign-up on our website or call our office to have your information added. This would give you the chance to apply in our next group of homes that we build in the Subdivision.

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